What is a Web Application anyways?

We tend to think of web applications as static websites or maybe an e-commerce website, however there are much more work going on behind the scenes. When you have a business that requires regular stock checks, interaction with customers as well as tracking of orders, your website should be integrated with Customer management systems and Enterprise resource planning systems. These systems work without being in view of the web user, allowing the user to browse freely and have a clean experience while the business owner have full control of the content and data generated by users.

Are you sure having a website will help me?

Just by having a website will increase the reach of your potential market to a much larger scale! Customers who are actively searching for a product will more than likely consult the internet to look for solutions. Let's say a customer is thinking about getting a new TV, he searches "cheap samsung 43 inch smart TV singapore". If you have a website that contains these keywords, there will be a chance of you acquiring this customer as he broses your website. Compare this to another company that only has a retail shop, the customer would have no idea where to go to find this retail shop; there's not even a website to locate it from!