Our Story:

Before we started Web Igniter, we met many others who had a great business idea and strategy. While working at a rather big and established development agency, one of Web Igniter's founder met a client who signed a project to that agency.

The agency promised a timeline of just 8 months at most.

However, after 3 years of development the project was still incomplete and the client's competitors grew from a mere 3 to 57 others. The words from the client were,

"Even if the project is completed now, the product is useless already."

This was one of the many stories that drove us to found Web Igniter as we refuse to see another client suffer the same fate as the one mentioned. Web Igniter does not take on more projects than it can handle so as to not be over encumbered and stick to the deadlines we give.

So... Why trust Web Igniter instead?

We have met many unhappy customers in other companies, and we know what makes customers are looking for.
Therefore, we promise the following to showcase our goodwill:

  • Much lower market price.
  • 1 Year of Bug Support Guaranteed.
  • Mock Up Right from the kick-off meeting.
  • Complimentary 1 Year Web Hosting.
  • Strict Timeline, We will not exceed the given deadline.
  • Comprehensive Documentation listing modules; avoiding ambiguity or 'hidden cost'.

Much lower cost? Are you sure?

Yes! We ensure top quality work, whilst maintaining cost to be affordable and below the market average.

Why is the market average so high? Here's why:

  • Large overhead cost, higher Total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • High Salaries.
  • High cost of equipment and software.
  • Large number of employees.
  • Large commission entitled for sales.