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Quick Overview

Web Igniter was founded in 2017, but this does not stop us from taking on big projects. We believe that a company is only as strong as its developers, and our experts in web development are the very best in the industry.

Our seasoned developers have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have taken on projects ranging from Web Development & Design to Mobile Applications integrated with Event Booking Systems.

With our vast diversity of industry experience, we want to offer our consultation and development services to help make our partner's vision a reality.


We will deliver any requirements you need

To showcase our goodwill, we are willing to design a working mock-up for our clients in the early stages of our partnership (right from our very first meeting). With a functional demo, we want to convince you that we are committed, and understand your needs as a client. During the development cycle, we also promise regular milestone checks with our clients to align the project's direction with your goals.

If you look good, We look good too

Customers are at the heart of our business, we therefore ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our result. Working towards our client's business requirements is our utmost priority.


  • FREE Web Hosting
  • FREE Consultation
  • FREE 1 Year Support
  • Customer's Satisfaction (UAT)
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Free Web Hosting

With every project, we will provide 1 year of FREE Shared Hosting. This is to show our support and dedication to your project.
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Customized Web Development

Business Models can become overly complicated; standard solutions for web development just won't cut it. We will provide a robust and solid customised Website to deal with ANY situation!
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1 Year of Free Support

Unlike some other vendors, we will provide your business with help and bug support as when you need it! This way, you can be assured that your business will not face any technical obstructions after completion with us!
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Modern Responsive Design

Rapid integration of Web Technology means ensuring your website is neatly optimised for desktop, mobiles and tablet. We will ensure that your website is comfotable to look at, even on tiny devices.

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Free Consultation

Using our many years of experience, we will provide free consultation for your business: Informed decisions can be made on what functionality your website should have, as well as what options there are!
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Not only do we get back with a reply fast, we also ensure that milestone checks are regularly given so as to keep our clients parrallel with our progress.
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We keep our business very professional. We do our very best to always deliver on time and meet our client's objectives.
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Aesthetically Pleasing

As demonstrated by our website alone, we ensure that your website looks modern with astounding design by our design team.

2 Minutes of your time,
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We will get back to you today. Simply let us know what you need help with.